Warden’s Heart

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Wounded Soldier Steals Vulnerable Heart

Veteran soldier with a tragic past lives by a rigid set of rules— keep thing simple, no exceptions.
The last thing Matt Spencer needed was a vulnerable beauty— Sara Dawson infiltrating his wounded heart, and choosing her independence over him.
From the moment he came into her life all she could think about was becoming his. Unable to resist the passionate man hiding behind his wounded past, she finds herself forced to choose between the man she can’t live without and everything she had ever known.

“Yes, I want you to kiss me and…”
The rest of her diatribe ended with a sigh against his seeking lips. The full effect of his masculine scent invaded her senses and she finally swooned. His arms tightened around her shoulders as he pulled her against his chest.
Gasping, her lips parted and he took full advantage sweeping his tongue along hers. A sigh escaped her lips, turning into a protest as his tongue withdrew from between her lips. His teeth nibbled her bottom lip and his breath slid along her jaw down to her neck. Her momentary irritation at their broken kiss soon forgotten, she basked in the tingling sensation his nibbling teeth left along her skin.
Warmth spread along the skin just behind her ear as he forged a moist line along her delicate skin. “So delicious,” he whispered. “I’m sorry I never called you.”
Eyes shut tightly, Sara listened as his smooth baritone filled her ears.
“It’s okay,” she replied, gripping the thick muscles lining his arms and urging him to keep exploring.
“Good.” His words seemed louder and she felt his body stiffen. She let escape an impatient pant as his warmth and weight slowly dissipated.
Her eyes popped open to see him stand next to the sofa grabbing his jacket from the chair. She nearly shook her head in protest, but decided she didn’t want him to know how close she was to begging him to stay the night.
“I have to go, Darlin’,” he sighed, and she could tell by his pained voice he wanted nothing more than to stay. “It looks like I won, again. So no third date.”