The Wait Is Over! Armand is Ready for You!

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Aishe knew she was destined to fall in love with a strong warrior. She could never forget the glimpse she held close to her heart of her soul mate’s strong, chiseled face— and knew without question— he wasn’t a Cursed warrior. Thrust into a world she couldn’t imagine existing, she found herself falling head over heels for one of them— but destiny would prove more fickle than she could bear, and the very man she dreamed of would soon become a nightmare.

The moment the deadly warrior Armand saw Aishe his world stopped spinning. Forced to live among the most depraved of his kind, he had long since grown accustomed to a life much harder than Aishe could ever imagine. Knowing the price of keeping her safe could mean losing her forever, he did the only thing he could— he let her go.

A mystery older than the Cursed warriors themselves brings them back together, but is it too late for the destined mates to mend their stubborn hearts?

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1 thought on “The Wait Is Over! Armand is Ready for You!

  1. Please enjoy an excerpt from Armand, The Cursed Series Book Seven

    “Do you know what happens when a mate tastes their destined warrior’s blood?”
    She shook her head barely registering his words while her attention focused on her stomach trembling from his palm pressed against her body. His thumb drew seductive circles on her skin ridding her of coherency.
    “Did you hear what I said?” He asked.
    She nodded.
    He chuckled.
    “You’ll be connected to my thoughts, but I want you to focus on how my blood makes your body feel.”
    “What will it do?”
    “You’ll like it. I promise.”
    She swallowed and his hand spread against her lower stomach, his fingers grazed her bared flesh, lingering and caressing her skin.
    “I think you’re already focusing on how your body feels,” he hummed, grinning as the scent of her arousal filled his nostrils.
    His mouth descended and he drew the side of her neck into his lips kissing and licking. Her body began to shake at the sensation, and he kissed the spot his tongue laved. Drawing away from her skin, he pulled her tighter against his twisted frame, and brought his wrist to his lips, gliding a sharp canine along his skin leaving a red ribbon in its wake.
    His lips caressed her ear, and whispered, “That’s it baby. I have you. Just let your body feel.”

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