Coming Soon!! Book One of The Havorian Chronicles, Declan!

All he knew was he wanted her. All she knew was the heat.


After watching her parents abducted from their safe suburban home, Vivian Mason did what any rational woman would— anything to get them back. Forced to trust the sinfully seductive warrior holding the fate of her family in his hands, she found herself trusting him with her life. Little did she know her heart and body would belong to the warrior unless she found some way to fight the heat.
Declan Vulgus refused to let the vulnerable beauty compromise the mission to save his people, but he found himself helpless to resist the heat brewing between himself and the human woman. After years of isolation, had he finally found something worth living for? Will the price of claiming his human captive prove too high for the lonely warrior or will he stake his claim on her heart and soul?

Readers, I am so excited to bring to you my first venture into Sci-fi Romance! Releasing November! And keep checking in to find out when the next book in The Cursed Series, Armand, will be released!

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