Today is the Day!!! Order The Cursed Series, Book Six Klaas!


Compelling, Addictive, and Smoking Hot!

Aleena Stark returns with another scintillating installment of The Cursed series— Book Six.

He would defy an army to save her.
She would give anything to remember.
For months, Cursed warrior Klaas watched from the shadows, waiting, yearning— for her. From the moment her scent flooded his senses, he knew she was his. All thoughts of his former life abandoned, he would do anything for her— including face an army of elite heavenly soldiers.
Jody realized the moment she saw him— Klaas was different. Little did she know he would awaken more than her heart— he held the key to unlocking her memories. Will her need for him lead her back into a world filled with danger and sorrow, or can they escape the dark secret threatening to tear them apart?

How long can they run before the past catches up to them?

Don’t Miss out! The Ethereal Protectors Series, Book One Michael’s Touch releases July 24! Pre-order it this weekend!

6 thoughts on “Today is the Day!!! Order The Cursed Series, Book Six Klaas!

    • Hey Miranda! I am working on the Cursed Series Book 7 now. It will be the next book released. In the mean time, you should check out Michael’s Touch, The Ethereal Protector’s series Book 1!

      • I did buy it but wasn’t sure if it would reveal more about the cursed series or not lol

      • No spoilers so have no fear! There is a little tie in with The Cursed warriors, but this series spins in whole new directions! I hope you enjoy it! If not let me know! I can take the good and bad criticism! Feel free to leave an honest review of Michael’s touch or Klaas! You have no idea how much it helps me out!

  1. I am sure I will love it! I read so many books I always have to re-read to catch back up when a new book comes out, and I fall in love with them over and over every time!

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