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A Must Read!
By Stephreads on August 24, 2015
I’ll admit to being a little skeptical about reading Michael’s book, but I shouldn’t have been. It was awesome! I love her Cursed Warrior series and I am excited to read more of this new spin off series. It has a great plot, lovable characters, and scorchingly hot sex scenes. I do recommend you read her Cursed Warriors series first for the best understanding and enjoyment of this book as there is a lot of cross over of characters and events. Great job Ms. Stark! Please keep the stories coming!

Thanks Steph!!

Another Hit!!!
ByJoan B Purdueon August 7, 2015
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Aleena Stark’s characters are really evolved in her stories. What I love most is that she takes the time to intertwine all of her books in the series to that they become almost one fluid continuum. The biggest downside to her books are that they always seem to be too short…I would love for them to go on forever! Then again, that may be problematic since I can never put them down once I start. Another great job! (P.S. Aleena….write faster…I need my “fix”)
Thank you Joan! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Michael’s Touch!

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He would sacrifice anything to feel.
She would give everything to forget.
Commander of the fierce Ethereal Protectors, Michael had two purposes, kill demons and protect humans. Bound by duty— the deadly warrior would fulfill his mission at any cost— until a vulnerable human temped him with pleasure he had never known, and would never forget.
Tormented, and void of hope, Jade Foster had spent years locked in an endless cycle of nightmare and despair. Haunted and hunted, she would do anything to escape her sorrow.
One touch will seal their fate.
Will their passion save them, or tear their world apart?

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Aleena Stark returns with another scintillating installment of The Cursed series— Book Six.

He would defy an army to save her.
She would give anything to remember.
For months, Cursed warrior Klaas watched from the shadows, waiting, yearning— for her. From the moment her scent flooded his senses, he knew she was his. All thoughts of his former life abandoned, he would do anything for her— including face an army of elite heavenly soldiers.
Jody realized the moment she saw him— Klaas was different. Little did she know he would awaken more than her heart— he held the key to unlocking her memories. Will her need for him lead her back into a world filled with danger and sorrow, or can they escape the dark secret threatening to tear them apart?

How long can they run before the past catches up to them?

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