Be Careful What You Wish For!

on September 23, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

I read Aleena Stark’s Dagon and was intrigued by the urban fantasy aspect where we are secretly surrounded by vampires and just don’t know it, but I think I enjoyed Hunter’s story even more than Dagon’s. His mate’s back story and unexplained reincarnation gave both Hunter and the mate’s characters more depth. I’m not usually a supernatural romance kind of girl, but I did enjoy this series as it not only had very steamy sex scenes but it had its own plotline running throughout the trilogy that gave the romances a purpose. I rather wish Stark had included even more background, especially on plot to assault heaven – but perhaps she’s saving that for a later book. I hope she does a book on Caleb; his transition from villain to hero for the sake of his mate was fascinating to follow. A very enjoyable read!

1 thought on “Be Careful What You Wish For!

  1. Thank you all for your interest in The Cursed series! Look for Caleb’s story around the end of October! Please join my mailing list for a sneak peek at The Ethereal Protectors series! More military romance to come soon! Playing the Part releases the end of October!

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