Review of Hunter, The Cursed Series book 3

Hunter by Aleena Stark

Hunter by Aleena Stark

This is the third book in the vampire domination series by Aleena Stark, I brought the other two at the beginning of August and I was waiting for this third book and Hunter’s story. Hunter is the leader of the Cursed, and he believes that his mate, which what every Cursed warrior wants, is gone and he has lost his chances to find her. That point right there leads to Hunter proposing to Amanda to become her mate so she can heal. We meet her and her sister Jessica in the second book, and of course we get to catch up with them and Samantha who is from the first book. I love that about books. Now in this one, Caleb is still in the dungeon but Amanda is his mate, and when given the opportunity to have a chance with her he takes it and at the end of the book we don’t know where he is. Back to Hunter and his mate Aria. Hunter has the unique power of healing, and Aria does to but she hasn’t learned to control it yet and you see that progression until a big scene on the bridge which is pretty awesome. Now in this book Aria is liked by many of the warriors, Klauss, is a major one and he wants her for himself, so at the beginning of the book Hunter plays a side role until he arrives in Wisconsin and everything comes to light. It’s a very good read and each of these books get better than the last one. I do hope that we have more from this series especially with the epilogue it really perks your interest. Buy here:

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Hunter, The Cursed Series Book 3


Compelled to give Hunter her body and soul… she’s powerless to resist his temptation.

Driven to protect his kind, ancient warrior Hunter is tantalizingly seductive – but his powerful allure fails to bring his destined mate back to him. Mourning her loss every night for a thousand years, he craves the one thing he can never have… until now.

Can Hunter find her again, before it’s too late?

Aria is an old soul, with a knack for evading the fierce warriors desperately seeking her. Will she find the strength to face her terrifying nemesis hell bent to kill her and everyone like her?

 How could she possibly resist the one warrior whose touch engulfs her in flame?